What about the Espheni? Part 1

What  about the Espheni?

My own theory about Espheni part 1.

What we know?

They’ve attacked Earth without any warning. They have advanced technology and they are using other species as slaves. They can modify DNA and they are using biotechnology to slave another beings.

Why do they need slaves? 
Maybe Espheni can’t get enough fuel for their robots or maybe they just doing an experiments on the other species with biotechnology or something.

Why They didn’t just kill all the human beings in first impact? 
It seems that Espheni needs people for something. We can see the harnessed children working for them, but I think this is not the only purpose to use the people.

My Theory is that the Espheni were crossing the Universe from planet to planet from one space to another and they were looking for something. When you compare Volms and Espheni you can see that the Volms are more like military unit than Espheni. Espheni seems to be more scientists. They use harnesses and eye-bugs and those creatures which were looking like spiders more than a guns.

Maybe they are not aggressors but are they more like victims?
 It’s possible that the Espheni had to abandone their native planet and search across the universe for another way to survive. They are looking for a kind of “box” where they can put their DNA code so that their species will survive “the war of worlds”. 

Espheni are like the ancients Engineers from the movie “Prometheus”, are making experiments with DNA. That is why they were making the experiments with the species they have conquered. They have put their DNA code in a human to create child, which is a new species. 

For me their logic goes like this way: 

First: liquidate defenses, 

Second: enslave the survivals, 
Third: put the subject in a limit and observe how they act, if  the subject is strong enough to survive, see whether the subject have strong survival instinct. 

I’m not looking for similarities between this movie and Falling Skies, only this conception inspired me to drawn the theory that the Espheni could be more Engineers (genetic engineers and scientists) than warriors. They don’t care about other species, humans are for them only the ants, which they can simply crush in anytime. But they don’t kill humans because they like to watch and examine people, like  children which are playing with “Ant farm”. 

Why they made this “web”?
Is this only the protection against the other visitors from space? Or this is the way to get rid of weak units? Cochise said that: “the Espheni have biologicaly engineered themselves and their harnessed slaves to fully with stand the effects of the radiation”. I guess Alexis – who is a new species whom will survive the radiation effects. That’s another thing that could be a mark that Espheni are more scientists than warriors. For they, is more interesting kill organic forms by radiation than with bullets. 

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