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It’s the first time I post an article of someone who’s not in my team but Falling Skies has a big family and here we go with an article of Abby of Falling Skies Things (twitter). It’s the first time she writes an article so write down your opinion 😉

            At the San Diego Comic Con, Drew Roy mentioned that he feels his character, Hal Mason finally understands what his younger brother, Ben Mason, portrayed by Connor Jessup had went through.

             Hal Mason had given Ben Mason a hard time about shooting his dad accidentally, but he even stated in The Pickett Line as they were walking through the fields, said that he understood a bit more now of what he went through, seeing as Hal Mason has many condolences for everybody he hurt whilst under the power of Karens “probe”. 
              In the previous episode Be Silent and Come Out, Hal Mason had his fath

er at gun point and received more comfort about it than grief, whereas Ben was just pressured about it. So Hal had finally apologised for pressuring him like that because he understood how bad that felt.

              Way back in the Season 2 premiere, Ben Mason took Hal down in front of his “girl”, which Hal was a bit taken back by, not understanding how much he’d changed, why and also what he was capable of.
              The relationship between Hal and Ben has flipped around after this season, even including matt. As Connor Jessup stated in an interview at Comic Con this morning, he mentioned “Ben has sort of become a role model, or fatherly figure towards Matt Mason, Maxim Knights character. 
In the first season he was a civilian going through typical teenage issues, but to a more aggressive extent. In season two, he was dealing with that, but he was an angsty fighter. Now, in Season 3, he’s not the only person with these issues, and he’s learned to cope with them. Ben used to be the odd one out in the family, but now it seems that the tables have turned and Hal is going through the stuff nobody understands, Matt is in a similar position trying to find his place in Charleston.”
               Also, Ben Mason revealed to Tom Mason in the early Season 2 episode Shall We Gather By The River that he had nightmares after Anne removed his harness. Who knows what else he had been holding back? I assume the same happened to Hal as well since when Tom’s probe was removed, he had recurring nightmares. 

               I felt it was nice to see a compassionate side of Hal with his brothers, not just with Maggie. He had never properly let go of his jock reputation and showed actual remorse for his actions. When he talks about how Maggie stuck with him during the time, it showed us how much his character has developed from a teenager into an soldier, thanks to Maggie.

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