Thanks to Falling Skies!

And they say that spending time online watching series, commenting on them and fangirling is useless . Thanks to my passion for Falling Skies I’ve had the opportunity to meet Agnieszka , a polish girl  with who I share the same passion . More specifically, we have met through Twitter.
At first , we only talked about the series but over the weeks and months we saw that we had more in common (we love cheese , coffee , travel, read, write , etc … ) .
Agnieszka is the other writer of the blog, and the creator of Falling Skies Polska on Twitter and Facebook page Falling Skies – Wrogie Niebo .
This month we had the opportunity to meet in person , she came to Madrid, to spend a few days at my house.
It has been an exciting and fun days. I hope we ever have the opportunity to meet in person, because if Agnieszka and I have been able to do it, with so many miles away , why not know you, me and Agnieszka too?

Sharing a passion and have access to the internet is a great way to meet new people and generally , making new friends , and good ones. Since the first contact is because of a common passion, not a chance meeting.

That said, I wanted to say thanks for your support, for following me on Twitter , Facebook and read my blog articles.

Falling Skies fans are not just people with a common passion , we are not only friends, we are family. Thanks for being part of my family.

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