Spikes. What to do?

In the last episode they raised the solution to the spikes. There is a way to remove them from the kids and so they can go back to being human.  

Of course, children lose their powers and they can not continue to help the level they are doing now. Again they will be normal kids, recovering their vision problems, such as in the case of Deni, or asthma, as in the case of Ben.
These guys could continue to help in the war, but as normal soldiers, no superpowers and the absence of the great help they are providing right now could be decisive. So what should they do?
During the episode we saw how Deni and Ben commented on the pros and cons of carrying the spikes. At first it seemed that they were taken away but ultimately decided against it. Will they change their mind in the coming episodes?

Let’s review the theory of the case:
The boys took away the harness externally, leaving the inner core intact, which means that the inside is regenerated, ie, although the outside of the harness is no longer there, the core continues living, not die.
That causes them to have these powers: strength, agility and vision of a superhero, and still may come into contact with the skitter.
But we don’t know the long term consecuences. Lourdes said that structural muscles suffer stress and they suspect that disrupts the production of stem cells, which could shorten their expectation for life.

The machine of Volms gives the opportunity to remove the core without affecting the nervous system or the spinal cord, which would give young people the power to be human again without any side effects for having borne the harness.

Sounds too perfect, and the real side effects from the absence of the yoke (of the inside which is still there) could be devastating and tip the balance against the Resistance.
Our guys are going to have to make a very important decision, think about themselves and remove the core or thinking about humanity and keep fighting with its inside, even if it means that they will not see the result of the free world for what they are struggling …

What do you think about it? My opinion on the subject is this: if through the sacrifice of some, there may be other, ie if for their sacrifice to continue fighting with the core of the harness inside, more people can be born and live on planet Earth, Why remove the harness? If their collaboration was not vital, I would be the first to support that they put off the alien part they have inside them, but the point is, that without them, practically it writes the end of this war and the fate of the Earth …

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