Should Anthony die or not?

Anthony, played by Mpho Koaho, is in the show since the first episode.
He has slowly been taking more prominence, although I must admit that during the three seasons I was thinking “will they kill him in the next episode?”. It is a common practice in Falling Skies to kill every few episodes a secondary character, and Anthony has been in trouble in many episodes.

Before the invasion he was a police officer in Boston. In the first season he began as a soldier of the 2nd Mass, following orders, carrying out missions even though they were very risky and occasionally he made us laugh.

In the second season, I remember when he decided to go with Pope, I thought I would not see him alive again, maybe Pope will return alone and tell us how Anthony had lost his life, but it was not. It was Anthony who cared for Pope and moved up one spot in the rankings of trusted soldiers. Maybe it was the turning point that made him closer to a main character that secondary one.

But it is in the third season when they finally give him a vital mission: find the mole.
He even faced with Marina! I’ll never forget the accusative look he gave to her. He did a great job, but it was Tom who finished to discover who was the mole, Anthony guided them to the truth.

He became a pillar of the 2nd Mass, being present at meetings and important scenes, accompanying Weaver as if his bodyguard he was (Anthony knows the truth about heart problems of the Colonel?), and making the fans to love him more.

But the question is, should Anthony die or not?

Clearly, there are characters who either die at the end of a season or the beginning of the next (which is why I said that Lourdes would be the mole, because she was still alive) and Anthony is in that situation. He finished the season as a major character but true is that he is the only one of the soldiers (leaving aside the main characters) who is still alive. The rest, have died: Dai, Jamil, Click (one of his best friends in the first season), Parker, Boon, Mike, Crazy Lee, etc…
Because of the tweets of the actor who plays him, Mpho Koaho, and images that are coming to light, we can guess that at least, he will live for more than one episode.

In my humble opinion, I would like Anthony to never dies, I think he is the clear meaning of what it means to be a soldier of the 2nd Mass, he is the spirit and soul of a survivor and deserves to stay alive and if he could be, have a happy ending (it’s time to give him a girlfriend).
Could still have relevance in the story? Yes. He is a dynamic character, the kind that are always there, whether for whatever. The new season seems to bring us different stories, and I’m sure that Anthony will know how to fit into any situation and will take good care of himself, and others.
Could they kill him without more? It has happened with other characters, in the beginning of a season they tell us how they have died, or without expecting it (as Dai​​), in a battle, they die. Let us pray it is not so…

What do you think? Do you think Anthony should stay alive or don’t you see him as important to continue in the story of Falling Skies?

Comment down your thoughts and do not forget to share the article to see what the other fans think.

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  1. Erin conrad dice:

    Great analysis of the Falling Skies character death count! No, Anthony shouldn't die – I'd like to see more Anthony, not less! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting 😀

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