[Photos] Falling Skies synopsis and pictures from episodes 5×03 to 5×07.

TNT is not updating its press room so I’ve been looking for new Falling Skies‘ pictures and I found all this on TNT’s official website.


Check out some pictures, titles and synopsis from upcoming episodes. Falling Skies is all new every Sunday on TNT. I hope they update their press room soon…

5×03 ‘Hatchlings’ – The 2nd Mass discovers the source for the seemingly endless supply of enemy forces. With the Volm’s help, Tom’s (Noah Wyle) leadership begins to spread to remaining human militias around the world. Hal (Drew Roy) disobeys his father to help Maggie (Sarah Carter) on a personal mission. Meanwhile, Tom has to make an agonizing choice that ultimately risks one of their own, leaving lasting repercussions for them all.

5×04 ‘Pope Breaks Bad’ – A mission to procure vehicles and fuel goes awry, and a desperate Pope (Colin Cunningham) takes things into his own hands.

5×05 ‘Non-Essential Personnel’ – The 2nd Mass leaves Chinatown.

5×06 ‘Respite’ – Tom (Noah Wyle) takes refuge with a unique family who has distanced themselves from the fight, giving him a glimpse of life without war.

5×07 ‘Everybody Has Their Reasons’ – The 2nd Mass arrives at a safe haven. As the two groups make plans for the final assault on the Espheni, the 2nd Mass begins to realize that things aren’t exactly as they seem.

5×08 ‘Stalag 14th Virginia’ (no picture – no synopsis)

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