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Quiz: Which ‘Falling Skies’ Character Are You? 0

Quiz: Which ‘Falling Skies’ Character Are You?

Curious to know which Falling Skies character are you? I’m Tom Mason!  Click here and start the quiz!  Let me know who you are and I will see if I add you in my ‘friends in an...



Tras unos meses meditándolo, he decidido que también voy a tener Tumblr de Falling Skies Spain. Paso mucho tiempo ahí al tener más blogs y he pensado que de esta forma podré brindaros más fotos y...


Alexis: Ally or Enemy?

A few time ago, I asked to the fans of Falling Skies what they think about Lexi, if she’s going to be an ally or an enemy? There are many thoughts about this! But lot of...