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Connor Jessup SDCC Entrevista (Español/Inglés) 0

Connor Jessup SDCC Entrevista (Español/Inglés)

>>> VIDEO ENTREVISTA POR TV FANATIC <<< ESPAÑOL:  En esta entrevista, Connor nos cuenta que nunca se ha visto nada igual cómo el capítulo que veremos el día de hoy, 21 de julio, en 27 capítulos,...

Promo photos 3×06 Be Silent and Come Out. 0

Promo photos 3×06 Be Silent and Come Out.

Here you have the promotional pictures of the episode 6 of 3rd season.Aquí tenéis las imágenes promocionales del episodio 6 de la 3ª temporada.


Volms: The new race.

A new race landed (pun intended) on Earth at the end of the second season. We’ve been all these months asking whether they would be allies or enemies. The third season has begun, and they present...


The mole.

The third season begins with a big question: The existence of a mole. Someone in Charleston is passing information to the enemy.  But who is the mole?  There are many theories circulating on the network. The...