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4th season is finally official. 0

4th season is finally official.

Falling Skies has been renewed for a 4th season.  Rémi Aubuchon hinted us just over a month ago when he announced he would not be present in the 4th season.  So, fans are happy today because...

3×05 Screenshots. 0

3×05 Screenshots.

Aquí podréis encontrar más de 550 capturas de pantalla del último episodio -> 3×05 Buscar y recuperar.Here you can find more than 550 screenshots of the last episode -> 3×05 Search and Recover. Un adelanto / A preview:...

Spikes. What to do? 0

Spikes. What to do?

In the last episode they raised the solution to the spikes. There is a way to remove them from the kids and so they can go back to being human.   Of course, children lose their...

Spikes. ¿Qué hacer? 0

Spikes. ¿Qué hacer?

En el último episodio nos plantearon la solución a los pinchos. Hay una manera de quitárselos a los niños y que vuelvan a ser humanos.  Por supuesto, los niños perderían sus poderes y no podrían seguir...

Promo photos 3×06 Be Silent and Come Out. 0

Promo photos 3×06 Be Silent and Come Out.

Here you have the promotional pictures of the episode 6 of 3rd season.Aquí tenéis las imágenes promocionales del episodio 6 de la 3ª temporada. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Do you trust Cochise? 0

Do you trust Cochise?

Do you trust Cochise?  ¿Confías en Cochise?I trust him, he has something that make me believe in his story. Maybe I am not strong and I’m trustful but… hahaYo confío en él, tiene algo que me...

3×04 Screenshots. 0

3×04 Screenshots.

Here you can see more than 400 screenshots -> 3×04 At all costsAquí podéis ver más de 400 capturas de pantalla -> 3×04 A toda costa. Un adelanto / A preview: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Margaret (Maggie) Summary about the character. 0

Margaret (Maggie) Summary about the character.

Margaret (Maggie): She is played by Sarah Sanguin Carter (actress, singer and artist) She was born on October 30th, 1980 in Toronto (Canada) Before the invasion: When Maggie was 16, she was diagnosed with brain cancer....