3rd Season

Third season begins seven months after a new alien landed on Earth. Ally or enemy? We are introduced to Cochise (Doug Jones) as the leader of the Volms, who are dedicated to go to planets that have been invaded by Espheni to help them and save them. Is everything as nice as it looks?

Tom Mason is the new president of Charleston and of the New United States of America,  future father of the child that Anne is about to give birth. A beautiful girl who will give a lot of trouble to his mother, causing others to think that the doctor has postpartum trauma.

Hal, starring Maggie and Karen scenes fraught with tension, love and struggle. A love triangle that promises to delight with agonizing and unforgettable moments… We will see the darker side of Hal…

Lourdes, Ben, Matt and Jeanne have matured in recent months, each in their own way. Lourdes, better doctor. Ben, better soldier, which found Denny, his new battle partner and best friend. Matt has achieved what he desired in the second season, being a soldier, very rebellious … Jeanne, after searching desperately Diego, again feeling happy to meet him and see that after removing the harness, remains himself.Harnes removed  by the new medical technology that have given Volms humans. Also, weapons that destroy the Espheni machines with impressive ease.
Pope is the owner of Charleston’s most famous bar, which meet all of its own for a few beers after killing a few skitters..The skitter rebels collaborate in missions and battles, with their help a great contribution for each victory. 

Weaver does not trust the new aliens.

New and old characters introduce us to a new frame in which the existence of a mole breathtaking us. Situations that could never have imagined.

Will the Volms as good as they make us believe? Is the mole a main character or one of the new? What about Alexis, the daughter of Anne and Tom?