2nd Season

Three months after Tom (Noah Wyle) stepped voluntarily to the spacecraft with Karen (Jessy Schram), to try to dialogue to the Espheni, the life goes on in the apocalypse. Nothing is known of the teacher, but the battle to expel the skitter of the world has continued without him.

Hal (Drew Roy), new head of the Masons. He is the oldest now, with all the consequences that entails.
His feelings for Maggie (Sarah Carter) are increasing, which begins to create tension between the two, because the girl does not want approaches. Maggie’s past is very much alive in the present, making external fears alien invasion take her biggest concerns.

Matt (Maxim Knight) wants to be a soldier, leaving us with our mouth open in surprise because of their more adult behaviour.
Ben (Connor Jessup) has become an effective soldier, strong, fast and with more developed senses thank (or blame) the harness, which still cause changes although he is not wearing it …

Weaver (Will Patton) continues to lead the 2nd Mass, fighting battles and inching toward what he hopes will be his new home.
He has the help of Pope (Colin Cunningham) and his band, who are already part of the resistance, working in missions and helping around. Pope’s Inappropriate behavior delights us with moments yet ironic, critical and hysterical.

Dr Glass (Moon Bloodgood), with the absence of Tom, has continued to rise in leadership positions, becoming a more important pillar of the 2nd Mass.
Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) accompanies her, being both more experienced, more prepared for the unexpected as they arise. Lourdes will have unexpected surprises, some better than others.
Surprises also pursue other characters, like Jimmy (Dylan Authors), Tector (Ryan Robbins), Dai (Peter Shinkoda), Anthony (Mpho Koahu) or Rick (Daniyah Ysrayl) and even Karen, which becomes stronger than ever, with a major role being the messenger of Espheni …

What about Tom? His return will be beneficial or something scary to deal with?

New parasites, new battles, new characters and circumstances that will overturn our hearts.

This season better than the last, introduce us more in this universe in which not even the protagonists know the limits. But they will know a destination, a new hope for victory.