1st Season

We begin from the first episode in an apocalyptic world where the aliens (who soon we will know with the names of “Lizards” and finally “Skitters”) have achieved to invade Earth. We know that they kill adult people and they take children as “slaves”.

The main characters, the Mason family, Tom (played by Noah Wyle) a parent, former teacher of history, with deep knowledge about all the battles to which human must had to face up until that time, he now has implement his knowledge in the battle field. Hal (Drew Roy), the older brother, an athletic and impulsive young, which like many others, has to become a soldier on the battlefield overnight. And the younger family member, Matt (Maxim Knight). We know their family drama, because Ben (Connor Jessup), the middle brother, is one of the many children who are being used as “slaves” by the aliens invaders.
The survivors decide to separate, to be a smaller number of people in each group and so the aliens have more difficulty detecting them. The 2nd Mass resistance movement against aliens, consisting of civilian and military. Colonel Weaver (Will Patton), veteran soldier, wise, and seemingly with little patience to care for civilians, which will bring some problems with Tom.

The doctor, Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood), who becomes in one of the most important pillars of the 2nd Mass, her connection with Tom will become a very special relationship while she is caring too for her assistant, Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), a medical student, and devout Christian, in a way, sometimes, almost maternal.

Karen Nadler (Jessy Schram), Hal’s companion, a middle school student who joins the squad of Tom at the beginning of the series, in reconnaissance missions, she is tragically kidnapped by the Lizards in one of these missions. That fact will mean that Karen becomes one of the worst enemies of the 2nd Mass and of the human race.

Anthony (Mpho Kohau) which is one of the best soldiers of the 2nd; Pope (Colin Cunningham) leader of a criminal gang, a charismatic and sassy man who enjoys hunting skitters and even becomes the chef of the group, Maggie (Sarah Carter) a warrior girl of a dark past after being with Pope’s band, she overcame a cancer when she was very young, a disease that marked her character and gets transform her into a survivor, she rebels against the Pope’s band and joins the 2nd.
During the season they know more abobut their enemies, rescue lost family and friends and others along the way …
What would you do if an invasion as the one in the series happens in real? Would you join the resistance? Would you fight for your survival or the survival of your people?